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28 January 2015

Daily Ambivalence - iPhones are interesting

I was waiting at the train stop the other day watching a spectacular sunset.

Sure, I watched it for a few minutes, but then I noticed this guy sitting next to me and he was looking at his iPhone. I leaned over to see what was so amazing but he wouldn't let me see the screen. He kept turning and edging away.

Now all I can think about is what must have been on that screen. For days now.

I started following the guy.

He lives in a small rambler in a cul-de-sac about ten miles from my house and he has either three or four children. If it's four, two of the girls look a lot alike.

It's driving me crazy. That really must have been something amazing that was on his phone for him to have not noticed the sunset. What could it have been?

The dude's never far from his iPhone though. Even at night, he never puts it on the night stand next to his bed. He curls up with it like it's an extra pillow. I wait there in the darkness for my chance but he never lets go of it.

I sure wish I could see what was on that iPhone.

iPhones are interesting . . . eh.