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23 January 2015

Daily Ambivalence - mutating the flu virus

I'm not all that afraid of the scientist out there who is working on the mutation of the flu virus that will one day escape and start the zombie apocalypse. He's just trying to make a living.

I don't know why, but as I've thought of this guy, I get the feeling that his name is probably Kevin.

Regardless, I don't have a problem with people doing the day-to-day grind, even if it does end up causing the end of the world. I would, however, like to make one suggestion to Kevin if he happens to read this blog.

Stop using the flu virus immediately and try your luck with the mumps.

It would make it easier for some of us survivors. With mutated mumps you're probably talking extremely swollen glands. Head shots would be a dream.

Mutating the flu virus . . . eh.