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12 January 2015

There was that dream about hiking in the mountains east of Milford, Utah

There was that dream where I was hiking in the mountains east of Milford, Utah and there were lots of lizards but I couldn't catch any of them because their tails would come off and that seems like a poor defense mechanism, especially if it's a teenage lizard and prom is the following weekend and the little guy has already asked a girl lizard and he picked out the boutonniere just that day so he can't back out, but now he doesn't have a tail and I don't know much about lizard society but I suspect being tailless is embarrassing, but what do I care about a lizard and whether or not he get his first kiss, only I'm a hopeless romantic and I do care about the upcoming lizard prom and if that tailless lizard asked to borrow my car for the dance I would say yes but he probably won't because he ran under that rock over there.