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26 January 2015

Daily Ambivalence - I started a low carb high protein diet today

I was making fun of my kids and my wife last week because they were on a low carb high protein diet and I was eating chips and dip. With a side of lard.

This weekend, somehow, they talked me into going on the diet with them. It was in the middle of Sunday dinner at grandma's, when I was at my weakest. Something about family togetherness. Unity. All that crap.

Now I'm writing this post breakfast, as in I ate breakfast ten minutes ago, and I'm already hungry.

How long does it take a full-grown man to die from hunger?

Is it lost on most people that most of the word "diet" is made up of "die?"

If you've enjoyed these posted attempts at humor the last year or so then I'm sorry. This could be the last one.

I'm going to go write my obituary.

I started a low carb high protein diet today . . . eh.