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30 June 2012

Lies, Marketing, and other synonyms

The Coke can his hand.
pop top pull of aluminum
releasing pressured smell
of that much-marketed name
half empty
half full
no dregs in the bottom
no winced-on aftertaste
just hint of lime or cherry
Prince. Pauper. Scholar. Wretch.
The red can calls.

22 June 2012

Love is a light switch

Love is a light switch up and ignored,
one-time feat where rooms are awakened,
detail in living made clear for a time,
fine furniture or trailer's trash
pushed from the gloom,
stained rugs brought to relief,
offerings to clean or further soil presented.

Light switch up to explore
when seeing's believing,

16 June 2012

That stringy stuff on bananas

my lunch a banana
under ripe to my taste
this once hung tuber in bunches,
yellow fibrous fruit
clustered in familied plantain.

you are mother to a well-hated hanger on,
that thin, stringy extra, neither skin nor flesh,
lurker, hiding on your surface in plain sight,
delayer of my meal as I peal,
tainting tweezer fingers with his white residue.

he is unclean
born of banana but now discarded
and I ponder -

01 June 2012

Parent skills

Warm in my bed.
Layer on woven layer - cover, separate me
from the cold air of my room,
insulate the bare skin I've shed to
while heard in the kitchen, after hours,
consequent flesh of my flesh whiles an hour to midnight
with a waiting wolf
perhaps, or a lamb.
I will know which when no harm is done
or blood blots her sifted snow.

I listen, tally seconds to a witching hour,
not trusting,
knowing I wound with doubt if lamb he emerges,