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20 September 2012

Free crap

Well then, last week's giveaway of free stuff went pretty well. I'm not really sure why something that was previously .99 cents and then is suddenly free should get downloaded so many times, but it did. And, the evil genius that I am, since I was giving away the first book in a trilogy, I hooked a bunch of people into buying book 2 and book 3. Suckers!

Anyways, I feel bad for doing something so underhanded, so here is a one-off book, Boo Noon, that isn't a ruse trying to get you to buy more stuff. Unless, of course, you think C.K. Edwards is a pretty good writer and you want to buy everything he has ever penned. If that is the case, well, don't let me stand in your way.

Boo Noon is a fun little thing I wrote a few years ago where you have a teenager who gets super powers and then is thrown into a weird situation and you've got all the attendant "who gave him super powers and why" questions. Give it a try. It's free.

And, my .99 cent book, Shadow and Shade, will also be on sale again for free. Both of these books, Friday only. Two books for the price of zero! What a way to start a weekend. It's like Super Bowl Sunday and a trip to Disneyland at the same freaking time. I might achieve sainthood with this one act.

14 September 2012

You drowned as a child

you drowned as a child
gone in my momentary absence
yet i see your end in my mind

such perfect blue that day, water so safe
saturated clean, chlorinated with Science

i suspect the surface rippled
your feeble attempts a
bob atop your end, a corked bottle
as if you were made of some other substance
than what sprang from my most earnest effort

i see your head, i see your face
breaching that blurry plane
blowing, inhaling
frantic even to the indifferent silence
the unseeable, inattentive air overhead
that precious breath you were, by degrees

i count the times i think you fought
the sodden sink set in your feet
in your eyes i see fear
the uncertainty, shock, surprise -
life was fair, full of love and friendship,
family, the strength of a father -
and then all these abruptly left you
to struggle alone against a foe
you did not know

12 September 2012

My Brother My Enemy

The third book in my fantasy trilogy is called My Brother My Enemy. It has been out there for purchase for a year, but the cover was simple black with the title. Here is another cover from Vladimir Chopine over at GeekatPlay Studio. Thanks Vladimir!

The first two books in the series, Shadow and Shade and Son of Memory will be available for free starting tomorrow and then going through Saturday. Pick them up. See what you think. And then if you like them, I will make you pay for the third!!!

Thanks, as always, for coming back to my blog from time to time.