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20 July 2015

Dream Ender free for a day

Yeah, I know, dreams are usually free, but if you are asking that question you didn't read carefully. Dream Ender is free. As in, a book called Dream Ender, offered on Amazon for free just today.

Read more than just every other word in a sentence you idiot.

06 July 2015

Shadow and Shade the paperback (giveaway)

No, not Shadow and Shade the movie. That hasn't come out yet. This is for the paperback book titled Shadow and Shade. Duh.

Go to this link for my Amazon giveaway for a chance to win Shadow and Shade, the first book in the Without Mother Without Father trilogy.

Your chances of winning might be better than your chance of meeting Louis Tiffany the next time you attend the Antiques Road Show (good odds, actually, because he's dead).

01 July 2015

Uno (not the game) days left for free Pocket Hole

Tommy's dentist, Dr. Smiler, strongly suggests that you grab a copy of Pocket Hole. If you don't, well, he can be very persuasive.