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24 August 2012

Time card

a cityscape and stories to invent
stories because they must be, stories
to thrum some surface
hid by wall and roof, shuttered window,
blind or closed curtain

stories in minds or
shut in hearts, stories
that happened or wait as wishes,
pure deeds
or poisoned needles set
soldering some mind,
calm eyes their windows that belie the violence.

all stories to hint at endless realities,
libraries of nonfiction filled by
books never borrowed or checked
enough to stretch a mind so thin,

17 August 2012

Free tickets

these free seats to a game I like so little,
puck and stick, blood on shaved ice,
the test of beer and steps a steep curve.
circle farm of fold down settees
most opposite empty.

I disparage not the play,
don't discount those skating arears,
the dread crawl of Zamboni I fathom,
if not the whistled icing
the roaring surge of stretched net.

It is, I suppose, what we know in youth,

03 August 2012

Did you hear it?

My uneven design on
wood grain diary.
Quester lines reached upward,
rose, receded in efforted growth,
pattern on time nourished
creep or crush, sprint, spree,
flight and flee, lines in wood were life.
Her remnant of chemical compound intake
such remarkable humdrum, yon
quiet being
once stood sentry
moved by my ax.