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29 February 2016

Dream Ender 3

This is reading number 3 of Dream Ender.

In which Vincent attends an opera and gets embarrassed in front of a cute girl.

25 February 2016

Shadow and Shade 13

This is reading number 13 of:
Without Mother Without Father trilogy
The book Shadow and Shade

Dorian and Velan see a play, though not the one Dorian wants to see. Cats was sold out.

22 February 2016

Dream Ender 2

This is reading number 2 of Dream Ender.

Yeah, that's right, Vincent remembers Pong.

19 February 2016

Work "fajita mix" into the next sentence

Driving home I might pass a restaurant with something painted in the window, something about "fajita mix," and that might get my mind to wondering what fajita mix is, and maybe something about those two words put together strikes my fancy, and I decide I'm going to throw the phrase "fajita mix" into the next sentence I write in my story when I get home.

Just a fun, zany challenge, but it gets me wondering about what kind of writer I am. Maybe writing is just that, the next zany challenge, even though I dislike the word "zany." Writing is certainly an itch I have to scratch, but at the same time is it just a string of passing fancies? Do I search for truth in my words? Do others see truth in my words."

They just saw fajita mix, I'll tell you that.

18 February 2016

Shadow and Shade 12

This is reading number 12 of:
Without Mother Without Father trilogy
The book Shadow and Shade
We never actually get to see the medieval hot tub. Totally sucks.

15 February 2016

Dream Ender 1

Going to get two books going at once. This is Dream Ender, an urban fantasy. It you don't know what urban fantasy is then I'm going to claim I invented the genre and you should be dutifully impressed.

If you have heard of urban fantasy, then pretend what I just said above was a joke, have a good laugh, and click play below. Enjoy.

14 February 2016

Daily Ambivalence - Grover Cleveland

Tomorrow is President's Day but which president should I celebrate?

That's not an easy question, especially when you apply the, granted, atypical standard I use to select the presidents I want to honor.

This year I will turn my thoughts to Grover Cleveland, and it's not just because you can buy his likeness on a mousepad, though I have to admit that was the deciding factor this year.

Some people might choose to honor and celebrate past presidents because of notable things they did or didn't do. Starting wars or ending wars. Freeing races or deciding that it's stupid to not let half the population vote. Those were all notable.

When I vote for a president though, that kind of thing is what I expect from them. They are supposed to do big things like that. So why should I honor them for doing their job?

No, like I said, I use a different standard. I am devoting my President's Day to Grover Cleveland because of threes things:

  1. I already mentioned the mousepad.
  2. I think it's cool that he was named after a Sesame Street character.
  3. Cleveland the city is awesome for tons of reasons, but going with the number 3, I will restrict it to that number:
    • Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster are from Cleveland (if you don't know who those two are, shame on you).
    • The Cuyahoga River, which runs through Cleveland, catches on fire from time to time. Yeah, I know, what the hell?
    • Cleveland has the same name as the 22nd and 24th president of the United States.

Happy Grover Cleveland Day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is President's Day but which president should I celebrate . . . eh.

12 February 2016

Shadow and Shade 11

This is reading number 11 of:
Without Mother Without Father trilogy
The book Shadow and Shade

Some people are afraid of their shadows, some just get annoyed.

11 February 2016

Daily Ambivalence - Fat Tuesday made me feel bad

This is a mint chocolate cake from
Glaus Bakery. My wife gets one

every February for her birthday.
You can't smell this from where you are.
I pity you.
I can smell this from where I am.
I pity myself even more.
I gave up desserts, candy, and soda at the start of the year.

It occurred to me on Fat Tuesday that I'm still fat.

Is Fat Tuesday early in the year because everybody knows you're still going to be fat in February, even though you have lightened up on what you eat for a whole month? And by "lightened up on what you eat," I mean to say you intended to eat less.

When is Skinny Wednesday? I tried Googling that but got nothing.

Probably some time in October.

Fat Tuesday made me feel bad . . . eh.

Foggy day in Boise

Working in Boise, but got some writing done first thing in the morning. I hate the first five minutes of writing where you tell yourself you suck and the story just isn't working, and then you fall into the groove and it's so easy it should be illegal.

04 February 2016

Shadow and Shade 10

This is reading number 10 of:
Without Mother Without Father trilogy
The book Shadow and Shade

Dorian depends on the kindness of strangers.

01 February 2016

Shadow and Shade 9

This is reading number 9 of:
Without Mother Without Father trilogy
The book Shadow and Shade

Honestly, I've always had a thing for girls with hands tattooed red like blood.