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30 October 2012

Halloween repeat

Hollow Cavity
the rot of ages could not enlarge,
then and now no heart to know compassion.
I was that murderer, that blank stare,
the beast inhuman that villagers burned,
the tale parents spun for truant children,
the terror at night, her eyes wide and sightless in the dark.

I was the coward's knife from behind
tracing that second smile,
the hard unflinching fingers at her neck,
the menace in the shadows,
unseen, unblinking, unwavering,
waiting for the moment,
that instant of inattention she gave to me.

Your Kind buried me,
continues to bury me,
when you find me.
Yet somehow I am here.
Somehow I see you.


24 October 2012

Maximize your way to Hell

I was thinking today about the glut of things out there that can, somehow, if you use them correctly, make it so that every second of your day is productive. Make it so that people will take photos of you at various times of the day and insert them into PowerPoint presentations on how to be frikin' awesome. Yeah, if you will just download one more app you can not only solve the world's problems you can reduce the number of tissue squares required to wipe.
This occurred to me as I was reading a blog and then another blog about social networking and being the writer of today.

So, take this for what it's worth. I am well aware that I haven't made it to the NY Bestseller's List. I am not a household name. As Chris Farley would say, "Maybe I don't 'own a toothbrush,' and maybe I can't 'reach all the parts of my body,'" but I do have an opinion about this.

19 October 2012

Winter creep

I am warm.
It is cold.
Outside there the enemy.
I see it in the snow on the ground,
the gray filter of overcast
a blanket blue of varying hue,
crisp like celery,
ice breaking, snapping somewhere.

I am warm and wonder
what inherited guilt is mine,
like winter cold should rule
no molecule bound or slowed.

It is the season circle some progenitors knew

05 October 2012

I feel new again

I feel new again
the air tastes like morning
like AM sun shines clear and mild
bright heat a hint in sight
but not on my skin
meadow vision, pond
unspoiled nature now
here even surrounded in city
centered lower than that grasping tasker
that worry of my own
my ownership, what I own
what I wish
the flow downward to my heart
direction reversing
losing myself not finding
listening to another's wisdom
again, happy again
until I forget to remember.