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30 September 2015

Library fun

Do the two words in the title above sound like an oxymoron? Stop reading then, please.

However, if library and fun always go together in your mind, please consider the following for this evening's entertainment:

Author C.K. Edwards at Eagle Mountain Public Library
Topic - Getting Started On Your Book

Give me a chance to ruin your opinion of library fun FOREVER!

18 September 2015

A poem not about rocks

Warm in my bed.
Layer on layer separate
shut me from the cold air of my room,
insulate the bare skin I've shed to
while heard in the kitchen, after hours,
consequent flesh of my flesh whiles an hour to midnight
with waiting wolf
or lamb.
I will know with no harm done
or blood blotting her sifted snow.

Eavesdrop I, tally seconds to a witching hour,
wounding with doubt if lamb he proves,
but cooling carcasses, fur scarlet-stained in a drift
trump what grievance I give.

Alone in my layers, count 60 then again.
12 to come and see her whole
but the dark will come again, the cold, and
I'll retreat to layers and let her live,

unearth the wolf or lamb.

06 September 2015

A poem not about pigs

line leaving pen,
metaphorical blood flow
along arm thru hand from finger
up at once and end in me
this line draining or filling,
more me or less
words with thought their anchor,
held now here,
best here,
true here,
blood and ink now

after Arial.